Owner Experiences

The savviest property buyers are now opting for Fractional Ownership as a means to acquire luxury second homes at a fraction of the price. But what is fractional ownership? Described by the Financial Times as "a strikingly attractive and popular option" during a downturn, fractional owners maintain a five-star lifestyle and own equity in a carefully selected bricks and mortar investment.

So what is shared ownership to you? Fractional ownership is a title deed, legally divided, owned and shared by more than one person. A typical fractional property for example will have between 4 and 12 owners, with usage rights being allocated depending on the size of the fraction purchased. Usage rights are typically made up of either, or both, fixed or floating weeks, which are pre-allocated each year.

Fractional ownership is a financially sound move, enabling you to save over 75% on the cost of purchasing, running and maintaining a second home as this is shared with the other owners.