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AOCAP 2013

AOCAP 2013 was successfully hosted at the über luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Hotel in Hong Kong with our largest – ever attendance and with a record number of Event Sponsors. The most recent Alternative Ownership Conference Asia-Pacific built on the success of the past five events through delivery of a stimulating and topical program, examining many of the region’s current challenges, with presentations from some of the Global Industry’s most respected leaders. Sessions focused upon the recreational real estate and resort development industry’s latest concepts and offerings and especially, the particular challenges related to product structuring within a number of the regional jurisdictions. The focus again returned to mixed use projects, both resort as well as urban, and examined some of the issues related to developing and operating hotels and resorts which include branded residences, condo-hotel-type products, serviced apartments, other amenities and communal and retail spaces. Keynote Speakers looked at Innovations within the Resort Development Industry as well as the importance of accurately identifying target markets and developing your Marketing and Sales strategy accordingly. A lively and engaging session was devoted to the latest trends in resort architecture and design with a separate Session which examined on competitive differentiation through the creation of unique experiences as well as brand development. AOCAP 2013 took a fresh look at the region’s travel and tourism forecasts and dynamic trends, fueled by the emerging middle classes within a number of the Asean countries, their appetite for outbound travel and how the region compared to other emerging markets. Likewise, some of the constraints to growth were identified in order to determine what needed to be done if emerging destinations were to achieve their full tourism potential. A number of the Asean markets have within the last year or so, demonstrated a healthy appetite for acquiring recreational real estate, based upon their liking for passive income and the prospect of capital appreciation. One Session looked at how some of the regional Developers have responded to meet these new market demands, as well as identifying some areas of concern because of product saturation? 2015 will see the launch of the Asean Economic Community based upon the Blueprint: “Asean as a Single Market and Production Base” comprising five core elements: (i) free flow of goods; (ii) free flow of services; (iii) free flow of investment; (iv) free flow of capital; and (v) free flow of skilled labour. With 580 million people within the AEC’s ten countries, the launch will likely present significant opportunities to developers wishing to expand their businesses into neighboring countries. These opportunities were also examined so as to determine how the market for recreational real estate and shared ownership might respond. AOCAP 2013 was another highly successful event for those who develop, own, operate, market or sell purpose-built mixed use resorts, incorporating recreational real estate including shared ownership, as well as those who were contemplating the potential conversion or renovation of an existing development. AOCAP 2013 again delivered an abundance of knowledge, insight and understanding to domestic and international hotel & resort owners and operators, with an outstanding Program and Speakers and a record number of Sponsors.