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It’s a Great Time to Invest in Your Holidays with Absolute World

A lot of good things have happened since the Thai coup of last May. For a start, many corrupt and bullying taxi drivers have been dealt with; crooked local officials have discovered that they can’t get away with pocketing back payments; a large percentage of Phuket’s beaches have been cleared of illegal businesses and thousands of plastic sun loungers, meaning that they are now back to their natural state. Perhaps the most welcome news of all is the fact that your currency now buys up to 25% more in Thailand with the British pound getting the best deal. The Thai baht is now weaker against foreign currency than it has been for years. This is indeed welcome news for those looking to buy into Absolute’s fractional ownership or holiday club deals. Just think of it: 25% is a big discount and makes a huge difference in property purchases. Dealing with property in Thailand can be a complicated and tangled affair so now’s the time to act if you’re looking to make the most of Absolute’s many offers and advantageous Thai shared property setups. Of course this windfall is not limited to property deals. It means that everything on your Absolute holiday is a lot cheaper and with a stronger currency you’re able to buy into an Absolute holiday of a lifetime that much easier.