Fractional Ownership Explained

As a Fractional Owner, you can choose to enjoy your apartment during your selected period, exchange your period into our Destination Club Entitlement, or choose to enter your Fractional Ownership entitlement into our Rental Program to earn additional income.

Using your apartment during your period

When you, friends or family choose to holiday in your apartment, you will receive a complimentary
return transfer from the local airport*. Your apartment is yours to use as you like, just
provide our Customer Services Team with your flight details and we
will ensure your unit is ready for your holiday, and we will be there to collect you.
*Alternative drop off locations may be available, complimentary transfers are limited to one pick up and one drop off per period.

Exchanging your period for Club Weeks

Maybe you would like to broaden your horizons and stay at other Absolute Resorts in Thailand or travel
to their exciting worldwide destinations? So why not exchange your ownership period to an equal
number of weeks in our Club?
By swapping your weeks to Club, you can use them in any of the Resorts listed here*, please contact our Customer Services Team for more information.
*Club rules apply

Entering your apartment into our Rental Program

Should you choose not to use your apartment or swap it to Club weeks, why not consider entering it into
our rental program* and receive additional income?
Please contact our Customer Services Team for more information.
*Terms and conditions apply